nowa polska shows you especially those project made by DESIGNERDEUTSCH, that are related to Poland. DESIGNERDEUTSCH is a design-office from Berlin. We are interested in the country, the people and the exciting time of the new millenium, that brings the big change in Poland. We are a member of STGU - Stowarzyszenie Tworcow Grafiki Uzytkowej from Warsaw. We try to stay up-to-date about what is happening in design in the eastern europe.

Here you will find our work that we made for polish customers. If you are interested in further information, please contact our office:


Ambasada Niemiecka w Warszawie
Logo conception & -design

DESIGNERDEUTSCH designed the logo for the German Embassy based in Warsaw. It shows the partnership between Germany and Poland in a kind way: the colors of the countries are mixed in a playful combination.

  P+, issue 09/09
magazine, 132 pages

Issue 09/09 of P+ / formaly called polenplus (released in April 2009) is about freedom and its costs for Poland, now and in the past.

  polenplus, issue 08/09
magazine, 132 pages

The 7th issue of the polenplus (released in januar 2009) focus the ecologic aspects of the polish industry and living.

  polenplus, issue 07/08
magazine, 132 pages

The 7th issue of the polenplus (released in September 2008) translates some unspeakable terms and solves mysteries .

  design report, issue 05/08
cover art work

design report shows in its issue 05/08 what is polish design about. We designed the cover and the topic opening doublepage for that issue.

  polenplus, issue 06/08
magazine, 132 pages

Issue 06/08 of the culturezine polenplus (released in july 2008) opens the doors for you to show the inside of the polish market of brands.

  polenplus, issue 05/08
magazine, 132 pages

The 5th issue of the magazine polenplus (released in april 2008) gives you an inside view of the life between the polish generations.

  polenplus, issue 04/08
magazine, 132 pages

The 4th issue of the polenplus (released in January 2008) shows the specifics of the polish men (and women).

  polenplus, issue 03/07
magazine, 132 pages

Issue 03/07 of the culture-magazine polenplus (released in August 2007) with the focus on art & design in Poland.

  polenplus, issue 02/07
magazine, 132 pages

The 2nd issue of the magazine polenplus (released in Mai 2007) shows us the Savoir Polski. It is about living in Poland, the polish kitchen, their culture, …

  polenplus, issue 01/07
magazine, 84 pages

The 1st issue of the (new) magazine polenplus (released in March 2007) deals with the economic situation in Poland.


brandeins: magazine polenplus
magazine booklet, 4 pages

We designed a booklet for the well-known brandeins (Issue 01/07) about the culture-magazine polenplus (release in February 2007)

Also designed by DESIGNERDEUTSCH


Athletics World Champion Chips 2005 Helsinki, Finnland
by order of Poczta Polska
Stamp series and stamp elbow

The stamp and the stamp elbow were arranged for the Polish post office (Poczta Polska). The topic was the athletics world championship in Helsinki, Finland. Most important criteria for this topic has been the representation of power and dynamic of the respective kind of sport, without illustrating the sportsmen in the detail, without his face, without their "tools". The abstracted motives were produced by line, shade and the interrelation of the national colors of Finland and Poland.


7. Letnia Akademia Filmowa

The 7th Filmfestival 2006 in Zwierzyniec, Poland, took place under the slogan “circus”. DESIGNERDEUTSCH designed a typographic-playful, but nevertheless material oriented announcement poster.


Salon Plakatu Polskiego
Logo conception & -design

We designed a word brand for the salon of the polish poster in Warsaw. It centers the polish registration mark PL. We waived on additional design elements, but kept the punctuating line, that should support the rhythm of the lines.


Poczta Polska “Miasta Polskie” Przemysl
by order of Poczta Polska
stamp and envelope

We designed a stamp and envelope for the polish post (Poczta Polska).The theme was the city Przemysl. The stamp is a part of the series "Miasta Polskie" (polish cities). Our focus lied on the awareness of current and typical demonstration of architecture. The resulting abstraction should increase the recognition and the valence.


STGU - 2nd exhibition of the STGU members

All members of the STGU were allowed to submit a posterdesign for this years 2. Exhibition in Warsaw - a competition with a nice side-effect: as our own projects are also presented. We accomplished our contribution/part with the following Poster. HFG Ulm in Warsaw (Let's put it there first)